Pokemon Diamond ROM

Pokemon Diamond ROM

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What’s new

Over a hundred new monsters join the party for this new generation of acceptable cock-fighting, ranging from the straight lame to the wondrously creative. The fact that such a large portion of the newly introduced creature are either evolutions or baby versions of existing monsters has the unfortunate side-effect of making Game Freak look a little short on ideas at times.

In a scenario that should be familiar to all Pokemon players, you start the game in the land of Sirroh as an eager but Pokemon-less young lad or lass who is perhaps a bit too adventurous for his or her own good. Through a series of events involving an absent-minded professor, your future rival, a cute assistant, and some lost luggage, you find yourself forced to choose one of the professor’s misplaced Pokemon to defend yourself against an attack. Once you succeed, the professor lets you keep your new furry, ferny, or feathered friend, and in exchange asks you to help fill in the pages of his Pokedex by encountering and capturing as many Pokemon as you can find. Find out more when you download and play pokemon diamond rom free.


Gameplay and Updates

As in previous iterations, battles are turn-based affairs in which pokemon duke it out using skills learnt through growth and, although the framework is basic, there are enough skills and abilities to stave off boredom. There’s little new for experienced hands, true, but those who have skipped a generation or two will find features like the two-vs-two battles add a touch of variety to the proceedings

Even when the environments start to lift into the third dimension, it never approaches the quality of comparable DS titles. The pokémon themselves retain their charm – there are 107 new species – but the lack of any battle animations is pretty galling considering the hardware the game’s running on.

Here’s a video walkthrough of Pokemon Diamond that will surely help you out. Play the pokemon diamond rom and get in on the adventure.

But aside from the above two additions, this game is not exactly a great leap forward for Poke-kind. The graphics are brighter and crisper, but not much better. The game still exists on the same flat, two-dimensional grid that it did way back in the original Game Boy days. Yes, the buildings have shadows now, but you still can’t walk in a diagonal line. Even the battle screen is just a slightly nicer-looking version of what we’ve seen since the early versions.

Our Thoughts

Regardless of such niggles, Diamond and Pearl are among the best Pokémon titles so far, if not the best. Visually the game is fantastic, ably juggling 2D and 3D elements, and the soundtrack is catchy, upbeat and distinctly Pokémon themed. If you are a virgin monster hunter or seasoned fan with a bulging Pokédex, this game will be engrossing, exciting and provide wonderfully fulfilling escapism.

There’s really no reason you shouldn’t pick up this pokemon diamond rom game, unless you felt yourself become a little burned out on the phenomenon during the last Pokemon title you played. If you’re new, buy it. If you liked the last one, buy it. If you’re some weird jump-on-the-bandwagon gamer, buy it. If you’re too cool to own a Pokemon game, well, you are reading this review, after all. Drop the tough guy act, and you’ll thank yourself later.

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